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Japan Consumer Credit Association (JCA) is a non-profit organization and a nationwide representative body of the Japanese consumer credit industry and its members consist of almost all consumer credit companies and credit-related business companies in Japan.

JCA was established in April 2009, through consolidation of the former three organizations which were Japan Consumer Credit Industry Association (JCIA), founded in 1967, The Japan Federation of Consumer Credit Companies, founded in 1958, and Credit Personal Information Protection Council (CPIP), founded in 2005.

JCA is contributing to the sound development of the Japanese consumer credit industry through ensuring fairness in credit transactions, proper management of credit businesses and contributing to protection of the consumers' interests and improvement of the living standards. To these ends, JCA carries out extensive activities, including compliance activities under the Installment Sales Act and the Private Information Protection Act, as well as compiling statistics, conducting research, and providing recommendations to the government authorities concerning effective enforcement of relevant laws and policies.

As of April, 2016, JCA has 945 members. Of these, 378 members are "regular members", which are mainly consumer credit companies such as credit card companies, manufacturer-affiliated credit companies and installment finance companies, etc, and 567members are "associate members", which are credit-related business companies such as department stores, merchants, loan-guarantee companies and agricultural cooperatives, IT vendors, etc.

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